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It seems that Mojang and Microsoft team up for the future Boss Update that will be released for Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta, Minecraft: Gear VR Edition and Minecraft: Pocket Edition on the October 18.

The update lets gamers fight 2 bosses, the Elder Guardian and the Wither, and to use slash commands. Besides, it will iterate for the first time the Add-Ons. Apparently, the Add-Ons let you change various elements found in the worlds by editing some text files.

Jesse Merriam, who works as an executive producer for Minecraft, explained in a blog post that through editing the files, any gamer can tweak the game and add huge explosions to tiny chickens or make villagers run extremely fast in order to fight a monster mob you can create. Moreover, you will be able to create worlds with Add-Ons and also to share them directly to your friends or even strangers. Moreover, you can upload the worlds you create to Realms.

You will also be able to download some free examples of worlds created with Add-On from the Minecraft website after the Boss Update is released. Among these examples you will find a Castle Siege Add-On created by Mincrack, BlockWorks and SethBling, together with the Alien Invasion Add-On, which was showed off by Mojang this year at the E3 event.

Merriam also added that the company plans to include Add-Ons to offer gamers the ability to change blocks, items and many other things inside the game. We have to admit that it’s pretty interesting to let you as a gamer to grow and alter items with which you can later play.

Last but not least, the upcoming Boss Update will let us use the Xbox Wireless Controllers with Bluetooth in order to play Minecraft: Gear VR Edition and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta.

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