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Despite all the marketing strategies and the efforts to sustain a sale rate as high as possible, it seems that Apple’s sales have been going down lately. People are even more suspicious about this, as Apple refused to reveal how many iPhones they sold in the first weekend after the release. Since they did not want to make the numbers public, this job was left to analysts and other marketers.

From third-party data and other information, they tried to piece it together and to come up with an answer. As it seems, Ming-Chi Kuo, the already famous analyst who works at KGI Securities, has also been analyzing the available data and showed the public that while the iPhone 7 Plus sales are doing even better than expected, the total amount of devices sold is quite unsatisfying, since iPhone 7 has lower shipments.

Tim Cook and his crew did all they could in order to lower expectations about the sales that took place during the first weekend after releasing the smartphones. At the time online sales were not available the entire weekend, other network partners had a pretty small stock to sell and you couldn’t just go to an Apple Store on the release day and leave with a handset if you hadn’t pre-ordered it.

Naturally, every launching event is different and it has a unique concept. As such, you can’t really compare two different events. But from what we saw, this release was somewhat special, and not necessarily in a good manner. Kuo’s analysis was exemplary both when it came to predicting some new hardware and other SKU differences and in calculating shipment numbers. And from all the data gathered up until now, the success (or rather the failure) of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus reached historical lows.

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