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Huawei has recently been on a high tide, gaining more and more adepts along with the release of powerful smartphones and tablets. And to be honest, the company does a great job with releasing high-end and mid-end handsets. Plus they don’t seem to stop here. The Chinese company announced a few weeks ago the attractive Nova and Nove Plus line. Many fans are already curious and anxious to get their hands on one of these products.

The main thing about the Huawei products is the fact that their handsets are budget-oriented, but at the same time offer some high-end features. The next produt they plan to release is the Huawei Honor 6X, which is the followe of the Honor 5X released last year. A couple of weeks ago it also received the certification from TENAA agency in China. This might let us have an idea about what it will look like, but we have no idea for now as to what its specifications are going to be.

Some leaked photos show a model that sports a dual camera and, similarly to its predecessor, a fingerprint reader. From the TENAA notes on certification, we can see that it will incorporate 4G LTE support, Android 6.0 Marshmallow and a dual-SIM support. Moreover, it will come with the custom Emotion UI layer designed by Huawei, which is not that great according to some fans’ opinions.

Sadly, there is no official confirmation for a release date in Europe or the US. Or at least not until now. The Chinese publication Mtksj reported that the phone should come to the Chinese stores starting with October 18, which is quite soon. This gives us hope that maybe in a month or two the new handset will also hit the European and American markets and people would be able to test it here too.