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As many of you may have heard by now, there is a great deal of speculation surrounding the launch of a Nexus 7. This device was believed to come in two variants, the Nexus Sailfish and the Nexus Marlin, and it was also believed that it would also showcase the new OS from Google upon its release.

That did not turn out to be the case, as Android Nougat, the OS in question, simply rolled out to the existing newer gen Nexus devices. But those who anticipated the launch of the Nexus 7 did not stop believing that the device will come eventually.

Now, there are many rumors that surround this upcoming device and one of the more interesting ones is the fact that Google might kill the Nexus name and change it to Pixel. Moreover, the Nexus Sailfish will supposedly be named Google Pixel, while the Nexus Marlin will be named Google Pixel XL. There’s also the possibility that the Pixel will also get the number 7 (Pixel 7) attached to it in order to make it clear that it’s the seventh generation of a line of devices.

There are also many rumors about the specs for the two upcoming smartphones. The two devices are believed to sport the latest Snapdragon processor and 4 GB of RAM. The basic model will probably come with 64 GB of native storage space that may be expanded up to 2 TB of storage space via a microSD card.

In terms of camera, at least one of those devices, if not both, might boast a 13 MP primary camera and a 5 MP front one.

Lastly, there are the rumors related to the launch date for the two Pixel devices and that has been suggested to be the 4th of October. It’s also believed that the smaller device will be priced at $258. Naturally, the devices are expected to come with Android Nougat straight out of the box.