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Is Facebook not loading properly?

If you’ve done everything short of buying a new computer or smartphone, you probably feel like it’s the end of the world. Can you imagine a day without logging in to Facebook?

No need to fret. There are errors, and then there are solutions.

There are many reasons that Facebook fails to load properly, and the cause can vary each and every time it happens.

Incorrect time setting

When your computer’s time setting is incorrect, Facebook will not display properly. Even if you have an amazing rig and a fast internet connection, Facebook won’t load properly until you fix the time settings.

Virus attack

A virus attack that causes Facebook errors is more noticeable when using a browser to access the social network. Browsers, after all, is an easy target for virus attacks. If you have difficulty logging in to your Facebook account, or it doesn’t display pictures and videos properly, you should consider a possible browser infection. Time to get rid of the culprit.

Flood of browser extensions and add-ons

Browser add-ons and extensions can greatly improve your browsing experience. But too many of them can cause Facebook to stop working properly. It is also possible that the add-ons you have come from dodgy sites, and what is really happening is that someone is snooping around or using phishing technology. Disable those you rarely use. Keep browser add-ons and extensions to a minimum.

Software-related problem

Your security software could be preventing Facebook from loading or displaying pages properly. This is especially true for internet security software. Since disabling it is unwise, add Facebook in the exclusion list of your Internet Security. This will tell the software that Facebook is a legitimate website.

Cache and temporary files

Cache, temporary files and cookies are designed to help improve user browser experience. It stores data that makes for easy retrieval of the same content. If you encountered errors the moment you ask for the same content, you need to clear cache and temporary files to fix the problem. Even if you asked for a different content, and problems occurred, a quick clean-up might help.

If the problem persists, it may be time to delete Facebook. What do you think?