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Twitter is not working.

You wish you could say this can only mean one thing, but, as it is, there are plenty of reasons that the second most popular social network stopped working, and an outage is just one of them.

You’re not connected online

Take a look see if you can log on to other websites using your browser. Failing to connect to the network due to problems from your ISP or other reasons could cause Twitter not to launch or get you through the login page. If you can surf online or use other apps, and you’re sure that you are online, then there is another cause you need to discover.

Twitter is down

You’ll know when the popular social network experiences outages, because you will be greeted with a message that tells you “something is technically wrong”. Under the circumstances, you can’t do anything else but wait until Twitter fixes the problem and get things back to normal.

Software-related problem

If the error occurred after you made changes to your settings, or updated the Twitter app, you could be experiencing software- or installation-related problem. If you can’t figure out exactly what you did before Twitter went tweeting away, you can uninstall and re-install the app. This usually takes care of any problem.

Out of date browser

Twitter issue can also arise when a browser is not updated. If you prefer to use Twitter on the web, make sure your preferred browser is the most recent version. The Twitter Help Center allows you to check which version of your browser you’re using.

You need to clear cache and cookies

Your browser’s cache temporarily stores scripts, images and other parts of websites that you visit. It is possible that one of these things could cause a Twitter error. Cookies, on the other hand, will result in browser errors if they have been changed, but your browser still has the old, cached version. If a Twitter error occurs, clearing cache and cookies are a possible solution.

Disable extensions

Some extensions in your browser can interfere with Twitter’s functions, resulting in errors. Try disabling them, including plug-ins or add-ons, and then check if this fixes the problem.

Once fixed, download the Twitter 6.0.0 update for Android that comes with a new material design.