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We’ve recently seen the launch of two important operating systems, the iOS 10 and the Android 7.0 Nougat.

The iOS 10 comes with many new features such as but not limited to the new iMessage function that allows users to use sticker apps from third party developers (in the past users were restricted to the stickers apps that were Apple-based) or the many other message related apps that add awesome and animated features.

Android 7.0 Nougat also comes with many new features that people are already very pleased with such as improved notifications, the multi-window mode or the Doze mode. A. Nougat allows users to reply to messages within the notification which makes it so much easier to communicate. The multi-window feature enables people to open and see two apps at the same time on the same screen. The improved Doze mode now starts saving power on the device as soon as the screen is off.

Unfortunately, it appears that even though Android Nougat comes with many improved functions, some tech analysts like Apteligent have noticed that the OS crashes far more often than the iOS 10. Android Nougat has crashed 2.5 times more than the iOS 10 has and its apps have crashed 6.4% of the time as opposed to iOS 10 which has crashed only on 4.1% of the time.

When Android Marshmallow first came out it registered significantly less crashes than Nougat and, at the time, it was considered the most stable Android operating system.

However, the Android Nougat is rolling out gradually to newer Nexus smartphones and many of the devices are not really enjoying the full build of the OS. It appears that as the OS settles into the devices, the number of crashed decreases, but until then, the iOS 10 appears to be the more stable of the two competing OSs.