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WhatsApp is an extremely popular mobile application that’s provided people with an array of convenience in their life. It’s a messenger app that lets anybody to trade messages for free. It can be used on various devices, installable on both an Android of iOS device.

If you own an iOS-installed device, here are some tips to help you download and use the WhatsApp app:

Open the iTunes App Store

If you’ve got the latest App Store installed on your phone, you just need to launch it from a desktop. If not, you’ll have to log into your iTunes account to update the app.

Look For App To Download

Just type in “WhatsApp Messenger into the search bar so that you can download and install it.

Download WhatsApp

After you find the app, you’ll need to download and install it to your device. Hit the install button under the app’s name on the right. Make sure you have a data or Wi-Fi connection.

Tap The Pricing Button

The app can be used for free for the first year, but will cost $0.99 a year after that.

Add iTunes Account Info

Make sure you include your iTunes account information, as you can’t download the app until you do.

Waiting For Download To Complete

You can’t use the app until it’s completely downloaded or installed. So, make sure you wait for it to finish before you try using the WhatsApp Mobile Messenger.