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Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime was developed by the Xiaomi Inc company this year in August. The device is lighter than the Redmi Note 3 by 12%. It encases some pretty advanced technology and features and it’s well-thought so that it feels comfortable in your hands and not tiring at all.

However, it is not so much faster than the Redmi Note 3. The latter device comes with a 1.4 GHz processor, which means it’s 28% quicker than the 3S Prime. When it comes to the high resolution and display, we have to admit that the Redmi Note 3 does it better: it has 125% more pixels than the 3S Prime. Note 3 has a crisper and sharper screen which offers you a better viewing experience.

3S Prime offers its users a 13 MP back camera. Truth be told, both phones take great photos, but the Redmi Note 3 offers 23% more MP than the 3S Prime. On the other hand, front cameras on both phones have 5 MP and help you take great selfies.

The battery on the Note 3 is a 4050 mAh and it cannot be removed. Meanwhile, 3S Prime has a 4100 mAh one, so it offers you a longer battery life. Of course, this was totally needed since it comes together with a larger screen. Naturally, a larger screen requires more battery, especially if you keep your brightness to the maximum, and it seems that the developers kept that in mind.

All in all, fans seem to be pretty excited about the specs of the recently released flagship smartphone, even though the two models are competing against each other for a fair share of the market. However, the decision for one device or another depends on your own personal priorities and necessities.