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In order to improve its service, mobile messaging application WhatsApp gets an update every now and then. But recent spate of updates turned out to be a bogus, with several cases of Android users accidentally installing sneaky software that steals data when they tried to update their WhatsApp. This leads many users to raise concern over the safety of updating their messaging application. So, is WhatsApp update safe, or should you instead be happy with your old version and ignore the updates?

To answer the first question, WhatsApp latest version 2.16.259 is actually safe — although if you check the reviews on Play Store you’ll see a lot of users preferring the older version. Nonetheless, there is a remote chance that you’ll be able to download malware like the one mentioned above as long as you do not install apps from outside of Google’s Play Store if you are using Android or App Store if you are using Apple.

Users who are more at risk from these phishing software are those who tend to download apps from less regulated third-party markets. And often, these malicious software takes the form of a pop-up advertisement which encourages users to click on it in order to download the latest version of WhatsApp or else risk losing access to their messaging app. It is a sneaky way of getting people to download malware in their device, and unfortunately many have been fooled by it.

Avoid this security risk by being cautious and vigilant online and by being aware of potential threats. Most important, download WhatsApp update from reliable sources and have a security solution in place to protect your device while installing and downloading files as well as communication online.

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