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The latest iOS 10 form Apple has been launched along with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and many messaging services have gotten down to modifying their apps to fit the new OS. One of those messaging services is WhatsApp.

As you all probably know by now, WhatsApp is a Facebook-owned messaging app that is used worldwide and can be installed for free on most smartphones, regardless of what OS they’re running. It is as controversial as it is popular because it has raised several user privacy related debates such as one where it was accused of offering terrorists the means to communicate without anybody being able to intercept their messages due to WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption features that do not allow any third party to gain access to a conversation.

More recently it grabbed the headlines due to its abrupt change in its privacy policy that now enables it to share contact information with Facebook. The point of the whole thing is to for Facebook to create better targeted ads for WhatsApp users. However, many users were unconformable with the situation and opted out of the contact sharing between the two services.

WhatsApp’s latest update comes with many new features that are tailored to iOS 10 and offers a genuinely great alternative to using the iMessage. Not to mention that it’s all for free.

The update works on both iPhone and iPad versions of WhatsApp and it comes with a new widget that enables users to quickly access a recent chat or simply see if there are any unread messages. Another new feature is the ability to ask Siri to either call or message somebody on WhatsApp which has been tested and it appears to work without any problems. Lastly, the update allows users to answer WhatsApp calls right from the lock screen which is a much needed feature.