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Supercell’s PvP game founded on Clash of Clans is in the process of being updated. According to the developer, a new major update will better the game’s current gameplay.

A new leak showed the developer is in the process of a big update, and the characters are getting a major overhaul. According to the information, a number of units will be nerfed relatively soon to balance the gameplay back out.

The key target of the nerf wave looks to be the Mini P.E.K.K.A, which shows up several times in the games. According to the leak, the unit may become uncommon, with battle stats nerfed. It will also likely be much slower and not deal out much damage.

It appears other units will face some changes as well:

  • Minors will be reduced several levels, meaning they won’t do as much damage
  • Bowlers will have a stat improvement that enhances their use during battle – the hope is that players will want to use them more.

There will also be some stat changes; players will see some changes made. For instance, Legendary cards are usually seen in decks, allowing players to attain and use the rare cards more often. Players will also see some changes to the gameplay, with rumors circulating the developer is going to focus on competitive game modes.

Supercell has made no mention of the update and when it takes place, but Clash Royale fans believe the developer will make an announcement soon. And, if no update is announced, the changes could be seen relatively soon.