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Rumors have circulated that a second generation of Pokémon will be made available May 2017.

Niantic hasn’t officially confirmed the date, but other dates are being noted for various game features. For example, the company will offer Pokémon Trading in October and, in December 2016 or January 2017; Pokémon Trainer Battles will be offered.

It’s believed the new Pokémon generation will have a number of region-locked Pokémon. Right now, there are four region-locked Pokémon – only unlocked in certain parts of the world. It’s not known what Pokémon are going to be region-locked, but fans have been speculating.  Some thoughts include:

  • Miltank for North America
  • Heracross for Asia

Some players anticipate both Delibird and Smeargle will be locked in South America since it doesn’t have any region-locked Pokémon just yet. Smeargle would make an ideal European special but there many others that would do well in region-locked areas.

  • Aipom – Africa
  • Corsola – Australia
  • Dunsparce – Middle East
  • Girafarig – Africa
  • Snubbull – Europe
  • Stantler – North America/Canada or Europe
  • Sudowoodo – South America
  • Yanma – South America

There is an array of wonderful Pokémon that would be great for region specials, and since the game is now being offered in South America, gamers may find at least one of these Pokémon to be region-locked on the continent.

There are still some regions that have yet to get Pokémon Go like the Middle East, Africa and Russia. There’s no word on if and when the game will be offered and what they’ll have, but chances are there will also be some region-locked Pokémon. It may be third-generation Pokémon, not the second generation.

Players of the game should anticipate some changes from Niantic, as the developer is still working to offer new features and a better tracking system. Players may soon see Trainer Battles.