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When Niantic and The Pokémon Company paired up to create the most popular mobile game in the world, they never probably expected that it will create such a huge wave in the gaming world though it is to be expected that it would be a hit among the anime fans already.  But like most any other game, there will always come a time when its popularity will begin to drop eventually. Based on the past weeks’ observation, it seems that time would come sooner for Pokémon Go.

Since August, the charts are showing that the game is already in decline. Data from Apptopia, SensorTower, and SurveyMonkey as of August 16, 2016 revealed a downward trend in terms of daily active users, downloads, engagement, and time spent on the app. And just some days ago, Pokémon Go broke its 74-day streak in Apple’s app store. It was supplanted by Supercell’s Clash Royale.

However, the game developers are not throwing the towel yet, at least for now. Rumors have it that a second generation Pokémon Go is on the horizon.

Pokémon Go Generation 2 are said to include 100 new pocket monsters and 86 new moves, so fans can look forward to catching more rare and legendary Pokémons. There will probably be new evolutions of Eevee, Gloom, Golbat, Onix, Slowpoke, and many more, too.

But still, the most interesting part of the update is the new game mechanic known as Baby Pokémon, which is hatched from eggs through Breeding. If this feature would indeed be included, players would be able to hatch their pocket monsters from eggs and watch these come out from their shells. Are you excited yet? The update won’t surely be long. Check this out to find more about Pokémon Go Generation 2 and the upcoming evolution.