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In the Pokemon series, there are more than 600 moves if you count them, starting from Pound to Hyperspace Fury. As amazing as they may be, one of them stands out, namely the Gunk Shot. A popular thread on a subreddit dedicated to Pokemon Go shows how come this particular move is so great.

The subreddit also presented a short clip where Murkey the Muk attacks an enemy Lickitung with mounds of sludge than with what seems to be a trash can. The Gunk Shot lets a Pokemon throw filthy garbage at its opponent. However, it is not a standard move, because it may vary: sometimes the Pokemon conjures trash out of nowhere and sends it flying to its foe, while other times it may appear in the form of a trash mound that came together. Keep in mind though that this move only works with poison-types Pokemons, not with all of them!

Even so, the Gunk Shot is a good move that you should be taking into account when playing. After two decades, it’s natural to be quite skeptical when it comes to the mechanics and designs in Pokemon Go. After all, there are indeed some Pokemons that resemble keychains, ice cream cones or talking cats. However, the Gunk Shot takes the fighting strategies to an almost unbelievable level, which makes the move so awesome.

It’s curious enough that we don’t know where the trash comes from, or how a Pokemon can survive such an attack. But you don’t need to know all that in order to use the great move Gunk Shot is. Many are still baffled though about the fact that a Pokemon can weaponize trash. However, this shouldn’t be such a surprise since there is already a Pokemon that is made up of trash, the Garbador.