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While Motorola may be trailing way behind Samsung and Apple in the smartphone market, it has retained its strength as a provider of smart mobile devices with solid hardware at lower cost, a reputation extended to the Moto G4 and the Moto G4 Plus which were launched under the ownership of Lenovo earlier this year.

Since their launching, several software updates have been rolled out already with the most recent of which released just a few weeks ago. The update brings important security improvement to the Android security patches released until the 1st of July 2016 and also includes some bug fixes aimed at bringing more stability to the G4 system.

Nougat update coming to G4 too!

You have probably heard about the Android 7.0 Nougat update too. It has been the talk in the Android blogosphere for weeks. Rumors have it that Moto G4, along with its twin Moto G4 Plus, is among those likely to get this update which will be released by batch beginning this October 2016.

According to reports, Nougat update would start with the Moto Z and the Moto Z Force. But certainly, the G4 devices would follow them no later than sooner because there is really nothing much for the Moto software team to customize with the two devices. Unlike Samsung and LG for instance, they don’t have a custom skin. Their skin is in line with the Android OS, i.e. the Nougat. In addition, both smartphones are pretty similar in design; they even share the same code name even when they have different model number series. Motorola can simply take Google’s code for the Android 7.0 Nougat and optimize it for the phones without spending too much time on fine-tuning the user interface’s customized skin because it doesn’t have one in the first place.