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The unveiling of iOS 10 has been one of the most anticipated updates for Apple. Speculations have really paid off after several months of patiently waiting for this update to come. For this reason, lots of iOS device users have quickly become curious about the availability of a jailbreak tool for the latest update.

Release of iOS 10.0.1

However, Pangu has experienced some problems when it comes to jailbreaking. This is because of the release of iOS 10.0.1 by Apple in a recent update. For this reason, hopes of jailbreaking the latest mobile OS has practically been shut down by Apple.

Variable File Size

This is similar to what happened to iOS 9.3.5, in which the release of the iOS 10.0.1 has come out sooner than it was expected. However, the file size would vary depending on the device to be updated, including the iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch.

Jailbreak Hackers Need to Work Double Time

Accordingly, any jailbreak applied should be rendered useless. When the update will be applied, any jailbreak done prior to that will no longer be cracked. Hence, iOS device owners will only enjoy the luxury of jailbroken devices if the top hacking groups such as TaiG, Pangu, and others will come up with a jailbreak for the iOS version 10.0.1.

Takes Some Time to Come Up with Countermeasures

With the jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3 and 9.3.5 just released recently, it will take some time for Pangu and others to come up with an impressive countermeasure. However, the said update might only be intended to deal with security issues and other similar matters common to recent iOS firmware versions.

Not long ago, Apple users were so happy to know that their newly updated devices can be jailbroken almost instantly after the update. Nevertheless, it has been a failure to know that a newer version has been released as well. Perhaps users who have already applied the jailbreak for iOS 10 devices need to keep it that way and wait for something better to come.