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If you own an HTC device, you’re probably wondering when you could download Android 7.0, aka Nougat. Well, here’s some good news: depending on your phone model, you might be able to get your hands on the latest firmware update before the year ends.

HTC has confirmed on Twitter that it has received the final shipping Android Nougat from Google and that the HTC 10, One M9, and One A9 (both the unlocked and the carrier versions) will surely get the Nougat update. The Taiwanese tech company has even stated that the update will be rolled out to the three models in the fourth quarter of the year.

This is definitely good news if you own an HTC 10, One M9, and One A9, but remember that HTC doesn’t always stick to its promises. Last year, when Android Marshmallow came out, the company gave itself a 90-day time frame to roll out the new update to eligible devices. Unfortunately, HTC missed its own deadline and was not able to release Android Nougat within the said time period. Still, even if HTC won’t be able to roll out Nougat before the year ends, it’s highly likely that it can release the update in early 2017. This is still earlier than other manufacturers that are notorious for being late when it comes to Android updates.

Several tech experts, though, believe that HTC has the ability to release Nougat early this year. This comes from the fat that the Taiwanese company reportedly has a contract with Google to manufacture the 2016 Nexus phones, which would run on Android Nougat. This has not yet been confirmed but, if it is true, this would mean that HTC has been able to get its hands on the latest firmware even before other manufacturers have. This, in turn, will give it the ability to fast-track the integration of Nougat into its system and roll out the update ASAP.