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After a few weeks of rumors, we have some “official” news about the “God of War 4” game. Cory Balrog, the game director at SIE Santa Monica Studio, has posted on his Twitter account some information about this game.

According to Balrog, the “God of War 4” will not have a 100 hour gameplay, but he claims that the game will come with action and thrill and all fans should expect several more awesome features. Balrog has also confirmed that the “God of War 4” game will not feature min-games anymore like the previous versions of the game series did. The game director has added that the game will now focus more on the story and the adventures of the players, who will now encounter even more enemies than before.

According to Santa Monica, “God of War 4” will come with a new combat system, but it will remain a fast-place action hack-and-slash game, so if you were worried about that, you can relax now. Balrog believes that any “God of War” fan will be satisfied about the game once it will be released.

To make things even better, the game director has stated that the progression system of the “God of War 4” has changed and it will encourage gamers to play it more than once. It seems that the game will not be entirely open-world, but it will be far less linear than the previous versions of the game.

“God of War 4”: Release Date

According to reports, the “God of War 4” will be released sometime in the fall of 2017. This upcoming game will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4, which means that you will not be able to play it on any other console or desktop PC.

Will you purchase the “God of War 4” once it will be released?

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