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Currently, Facebook is the most popular social network on the entire planet. It’s great for keeping in touch with your family or friends, but there is more to it than that. There are lots of hidden features that the developers introduced and that not many people know about.

  1. Follow people. Even if a person does not want to accept your friend request, you can still follow their public posts. However, you can select who can follow your own profile and just let friends do it, instead of random strangers.
  2. Change the language. It’s interesting to change the language to English (Pirate) or to have the writing placed upside down. It’s even funnier if you change this on a friend’s profile if you get access to his PC or phone.
  3. Change the relationship status, but let no one know about it. If you go Settings, Family and Relationships, you can edit your relationship status, but you can select it to be available only to yourself. Thus, if anybody accesses your profile, they won’t know that you changed the status.
  4. Log out from devices you no longer use. In the Security Settings section you will find the option to end the session on various tablets, smartphones or computers. It might happen that you forget to log out when using Facebook on a friend’s computer, so you can prevent the network from automatically signing you in on his computer.
  5. Let other people know how your name is pronounced. If you have a more exotic name or you just happen to stumble upon people who have a hard time pronouncing it, you can go to Profile page/ About/ Details about you/ How do you pronounce your name? and set it there. Moreover, the network generates some pronunciation options or your name and you can choose from there, or you can add it yourself.

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