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When you own an Android phone, you would expect to have the latest Google Play Store preinstalled in your mobile. However, sometimes it won’t have the most recent version because your smartphone was released before the newest Play Store update came out, or you opted for a more budget-friendly Android device that doesn’t include the app store. Luckily, you can manually download and install Google Play Store by following these steps.

  1. Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources, and switch this on. When you receive a warning prompt, read it, then press ‘OK’. If you can’t find ‘Unknown Sources’ in your Security Settings, look for it in your Application (Apps) Settings or your Privacy Settings.
  1. Download a Google Play Store APK file from a trusted source. Download this on your computer or your device. Remember that there are plenty of APK sites that claim to be legit, and once you install a file from them, you end up infecting your phone with a virus, or worse, installing an illegal app. So check if your APK source is credible. It is best to opt for trustworthy and well-known tech blogs and Android blogs.
  1. Open your file browser and open the folder where you stored the Google Play Store APK file. If you downloaded it on your device, check your Downloads folder. Click on the APK file. In case a pop up box appears, select ‘Package Installer’.
  1. Read any permission changes on the next screen (if there are any), then click ‘Install’. Wait for it to finish installing.
  1. Go back to your settings where you found ‘Unknown Sources’, then turn it off. This will make sure that any apps installed on your device will come only from the Play Store. If you ever need to download and install another APK file, you can just turn it back on again.

And that’s it! You now have Google Play Store installed on your Android phone. Here is a helpful guide if you have a Samsung Galaxy device.