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Android 7.0 (better known as Nougat) has already been released to certain Nexus devices, leaving many people wondering: when will we get the update for our smartphones and tablets?

Well, if you own a Huawei device, you can expect to get Android Nougat before the year ends or in early 2017. Huawei isn’t as quick as Motorola when it comes to rolling out Android firmware updates, but it’s not as slow as Samsung and other manufacturers, either. With this in mind, tech experts assume that Huawei devices will receive Nougat a couple of months after its official release, with the Huawei P9 and Mate 8 getting the update on December at the earliest.

Of course, it’s important to note that Huawei won’t only roll out the Android update to their older devices. The Chinese company is expected to release its latest phablet called the Mate 9, which will reportedly come with Android Nougat built into it, before the year ends. If this turns out to be true, Huawei will have one of the first Android N devices (aside from Google’s Nexus gadgets) in the market. This isn’t a first time for Huawei, though, since the company also released the Mate 8, which had Android 6.0 pre-installed, just a month after Marshmallow was rolled out last year.

On other Huawei news, Vodafone Australia has confirmed that the Android Nougat rollout for the Huawei-made Nexus 6P has been halted. There’s currently no concrete explanation for the delay, although the carrier has stated that they’re working with Huawei to solve the issue.

There have also been reports that Huawei will manufacture an Android Nougat-based tablet for Google. Renowned tipster Evan Blass (who has gained a reputation for being right most of the time) revealed on Twitter that the 7-inch Huawei-built Google tablet will be released before 2016 ends. Google and Huawei have not confirmed this, though, so we still have to wait and see if this is true.