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You are happily chatting with a friend on WhatsApp when you suddenly get this error message: “Unfortnately WhatsApp has stopped”. Argh! What a bummer. You can’t remember doing anything that could have caused the app to malfunction, but here you are, forced to end the conversation. What is causing your WhatsApp to behave this way? There could be a number of reasons why your WhatsApp has just suddenly stopped working, and below are a few solutions that can help you resolve the crashing issue.

  1. Delete old messages

One of the factors that probably caused your WhatsApp to crash is the amount of messages it stores, making the app work harder and taking a lot of time to process and open. Make it a regular habit to delete some conversations that are not important to you.

  1. Clear your cache

The busier your chats get, the higher the amount of data that is stored in your phone. Navigate to your Application Manager and clear the cache and data stored. Or better yet, install a cache cleaner on your mobile device to create a regular cleaning schedule for your phone.

  1. Switch your phone off and on

Sometimes, all you device really needs is a reboot. So if it has been a while since you hit the power button, try switching off your phone for a few seconds and then switch it back on. This will refreshes the device as well as clear the cache and RAM.

  1. Update

Messaging apps usually crashes on start in Android if not updated to the latest version. So consider updating your Android. And if a WhatsApp update  is available, download the latest version too.

  1. Free up some space in your RAM

Your WhatsApp could crash if it is running too many apps that are consuming its space. Try killing unnecessary apps or better yet uninstall heavy apps which you seldom use.