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Android devices have a new BETA WhatsApp version – 2.16.232. While there are no new features with it, there are plenty of internal changes to be mindful of.

Looking at the code within the APK file, developers are working hard on functions that send GIFs and invite groups through links. These functions are being prepared for activation, which means it won’t be too long until they’re seen on WhatsApp application.

The APK file has an increase of 110Kb and more than 500 modified files that relate to the application files’ functions. Two new files were added for the sending and establishing of GIFs and GIF’s library.

How To Install 2.16.232 On An Android Device

Users who want the latest WhatsApp app can download the 2.16.232 BETA either by manually downloading and installing it onto their device or by taking part in the WhatsApp BETA testing program through Google Play Store and installing it from the Android store.

The easiest thing a person can do is become a WhatsApp BETA tester through the Android Store. This is done by opening Google Play Store and hitting the Become A Tester button. From there, users will need to open Google Play Store on their Android smartphone, looking for the latest WhatsApp version and install it to their phone.

Once installation is done, users will have to use their cell number to log into the WhatsApp account.