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The many schemes and discounts made by Microsoft to lure customers to its Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book may have led customers wondering about the upcoming release of the Surface Book 2 soon.

The tech giant, however, has been mum about this, which has kept fans confused. This possibility dramatically increased with leaks and rumors about the possible specs of the upcoming device. Hence, here are a few of these facts and rumors to shed light into the situation.

Offering Significant Discounts

According to sources, Microsoft has already offered $150 discount on two devices. This has led many people to speculate that a new device is going to be released any time soon because they are trying to get rid of such devices and making way for a new one.

Specs Update

The predecessors of the Surface Book 2 already have very impressive specs to date. In fact, the Surface Book sports an 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and Core i5 processor. Microsoft has been making discounts and bundled offerings until October 1.

Meanwhile, the Surface Book 2 has been rumored to sport a 3D display and 4K resolution. Moreover, the device might be released to the public in a lighter and slimmer design compared to its predecessor.

Moreover, the Surface Book 2 might use a set of powerful processors such as Kaby Lake to kick in the high-definition screen intended for the upcoming device.

Speculated Release Date

Due to the much hype of the fans and Microsoft as well, people are beginning to think that the release date of the Surface Book 2 is going to be on the October event. This is an annual event that Microsoft uses to announce, release, and hint about certain devices. Thus, the best option for the fans is just to wait and see what Microsoft is going to do next.