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Given that the new Android Nougat OS from Google has been rolling out for quite some time to newer gen Nexus devices, it was about time for other manufacturers of Android based phones to begin testing the new OS and ultimately release it to their devices.

Manufacturers like Samsung have only begun testing the Android Nougat platform while others, like Motorola or Sony are getting ready to release the update for their latest flagship phones.


Sony has already posted a list of devices that will be updated to Android Nougat, but offered no information about the exact release date.

However, a Nougat update roadmap was spotted at a presentation made by Sony Slovakia. The presentation slide mentions the exact devices that will be getting the upgrade and the timeframe for them to get it. To begin with, the Sony Xperia X Performance and the Xperia XZ will be the first devices to get the update and they will be receiving it around October.

During the course of November, another two devices will also get the upgrade and those are the Xperia X and the Sony X Compact. In December 2016, the Xperia Z5 series along with the Xperia Z3+ and the Z4 tablet will get the Android Nougat upgrade.

Lastly, the final devices that are scheduled to receive the new OS are the Sony Xperia XA and the XA Ultra and these devices will be getting it sometime in early 2017. If you own a Sony device that is not one of the aforementioned devices, you should know that it’s very possible that it will not upgrade to Android Nougat as Sony hasn’t mentioned that other devices can be added on the list.

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Sure, it may turn out that other devices might get the upgrade as well, but there are very few chances of that happening.