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The Android Nougat update has been released, but that doesn’t mean that every Android device has received it yet. Today we will talk about some of the devices that will soon receive the latest Android OS version.

Sony Xperia Smartphones That Will Receive Android Nougat Soon

It is good to know that Sony has already confirmed a list of devices that will receive the Android Nougat update. Unfortunately, the company did not mention the exact date when this will happen. However, according to a leak from a Sony Slovakia’s presentation, it was showcased the roadmap for the Android Nougat Update for its devices.

According to the mentioned presentation, the Sony Xperia Performance and Sony Xperia XZ will receive the Android Nougat Update in October 2016. However, if you own an Xperia X or an Xperia X Compact, you will need to wait for the update until November 2016. The Xperia Z3+, Xperia Z4 Tablet, Xperia Z5 Series will receive the mentioned update sometime in December 2016. Finally, the Xperia XA and the Xperia XZ Ultra will get the Android Nougat update in early 2017.

Motorola Devices That Will Receive Android Nougat Soon

Until now, Motorola hasn’t confirmed the release of the Android Nougat to Moto devices yet, but there are rumors which say that this will happen sometime in October 2016. According to reports, the most recent models from Motorola, such as the Moto Z series, will get the update in the mentioned period. However, when it comes to the Moto X series, they will receive the Android Nougat update sometime in November 2016. Finally, the Moto G4 and Moto G handsets will most likely receive the Android Nougat update sometime in early 2017.

Samsung Devices That Will Receive Android Nougat Soon

It seems that Samsung is already testing the Android Nougat Update on its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Based on Samsung’s Android update history, the company will probably release the update to the Samsung S6 devices, but it is not yet known when exactly this will happen.

When it comes to the Galaxy Note 7, it seems that it will take some time until the device will receive the Android N update (in about two to three months), as Samsung has slated that some custom features will need to be implemented to the Android N OS before being released for this device.