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Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm, available for both Android and iOS devices. However, people who own a Windows 10 device are feeling a bit left out and put out by the fact there is no Pokémon Go software.

However, ST-Apps is a mobile company that’s begun working on a Windows 10 third party app for Pokémon Go. The process began after a petition asking for a software version for Windows garnered thousands of signatures. It wasn’t long after that PoGO UWP was released.

While the third-party app was useful for people who had Windows 10 and wanted to play the game, Pokémon Go’s recent update took it away. The API for UWP shut it down, and users can no longer use it. And, it appears that the Kaankehh developer won’t address the issue and update a new version for it to work.

Kaankehh said developers are looking over the problem, but they’re unsure if they’ll be able to solve the problem. And, even if they did, they’re not sure if it’ll still be available, as Niantic could release more encryptions.

Kaankehh posted on the GitHub developer page that there were three new requests unknown portions. They are currently developing a request generator – a huge step in finishing the API and the problem for Windows users. No one knows if and when an additional third-party app will be released.