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Many people have been faithful with the Nokia line of mobile phones ever since. Even with the proliferation of mobile phone giants Samsung and Apple, avid fans of Nokia simply can’t be persuaded. So, with this development, many have been wondering if mobile messaging applications like WhatsApp can also be downloaded on their Nokia Asha devices.

Here are some basic tips on how to successfully download WhatsApp for Nokia Asha to gain the benefits that are not always favorable in many messaging apps out there.

You can get WhatsApp for Nokia from the official website:

  • Simply go to the Web browser of any Nokia Asha line
  • Type in the address bar this link
  • Then you can simply follow the steps in order to download and install the application your Nokia Asha

You can also do it from the Nokia Store:

  • Just tap the blue icon Nokia Store from any Nokia Asha and try running it from there.
  • You should also tap on the search icon and search for the s40 WhatsApp messenger.
  • Then, you must tap on the WhatsApp S40 Messenger app from there.
  • After that, you must tap on the install button and follow the instructions from there.

Installing the new WhatsApp from your mobile device should be able to constantly connect you to those whom you care the most. If you have a Nokia Asha, you simply can enjoy life’s simple pleasures. This is because even if the device has a 64MB of RAM, it simply has the capability of enjoying WhatsApp on Nokia Asha device so easily. At the same time, it has a QWERTY keyboard that should be able to facilitate the sending of messages the easiest way possible. This will allow you to reach at unbelievable speeds particularly when posting messages.