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The last time Pokemon Go was updated, players got more rewards for walking more. So, you’re now probably wondering what is in store in the next update.

One of the reports we have stumbled upon said that Niantic is planning to add new big features to the game. These would include an in-game trading system and multiplayer battle options.

Pokemon Go Trading System

We have known that this one is on the horizon. Trading has long been a requested feature for the game, and Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke himself had confirmed in an earlier interview that a trading system will be set up in Pokemon Go. As a matter of fact, Niantic’s Term of Service already includes the trading rules. Just wait for it!

Pokemon Go Multiplayer Battle Feature

It was The Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekau Ishihara himself who confirmed that a multiplayer battle mode for the game is under development. Niantic representative Archit Bhargava supported this in a statement, saying that their lab have been been trying out Pokemon Go’s multiplayer battle mode feature and are currently working out the scheme on how to implement it. One of the schemes they are considering, according to Bhargava, is to let two players from different teams join in gym battles in order defeat a gym defender. Anyway, Niantic is still exploring many other schemes and options for Pokemon Go’s multiplayer battle, so let us just wait and see what it will come up with.

Meanwhile, an article from the Wall Street Journal noted Ishinara as saying that Niantic has a timetable for the release of every new feature and is following that strictly so as not overwhelm players. This is probably the reason for the slow release of the features. So, just enjoy the game for now and learn how you can get more candies for walking.