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Is it possible to catch MewTwo? According to a video that’s circulating the Internet and centered on the Pokemon Go trailer, it’s entirely possible. Close to the end, a lady can be seen standing close to Times Square, and a MewTwo shows up on an electronic billboard. A countdown will show up on the screen, giving the player 10 minutes to defeat MewTwo.

People rush to the location and a battle begins with the crowd cheering for Pokemon creates. MewTwo and Pikachu battle and then they’re gone. Next, there’s announcement that MewTwo was caught, and the crowd is ecstatic.

According to some folks, the video is just an ad for an upcoming Niantic video where MewTwo may make its appearance with a certain Trainer Battling format will take place so players will have an opportunity to capture it.

Tips have appeared that suggested players have a plethora of berries, eggs and greatballs to make the legendary Pokemon appear. When it comes, players will have to throw berries and a lucky egg and then the Pokeballs to get it.

Other people, however, say it’s not true, and it’s only a hoax to generate interest. A majority of players know Niantic didn’t make either Mew or MewTwo available for Pokemon Go. There are other Pokemon characters unavailable for capture such as Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. However, rumors have increased that game developers will release updates with these legendary Pokemon. It’s believed to occur sometime the end of the year or beginning the next.

Besides these Pokemon not appearing, there’s a region-exclusive Pokemon that people can catch unless they can catch it from an egg or live in an area the Pokemon is found. Mr. Mime lives in Europe; Kangaskhan lives in Australia; Farfetch’d lives in Asian and Tauros resides in North America.

Ditto is yet another character players have yet to see. It’s important because it can be used to clone other Pokemon when it’s paired with Ditto. News surfaced that someone had hacked the game so Ditto would appear but the app repeatedly crashed when they tried to capture it.

There have been numerous attempts to cheat or hack Pokemon Go, but many of the cheaters who’ve been caught were banned. It’s why players need to wait for updates and get the official release of these characters.

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