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As with any other Apple product, before its release there is a ton of rumors and speculations going around. A big share of these rumors are about the upcoming laptop that is to be released, namely Macbook Pro 2016.

For quite a while several dates have been rumored as the release dates for it, but according to Bloomberg, the big release might take place towards the end of this month. A recent report showed that the latest laptop should be ready for an October launch.


University Herald reported that apparently Tim Cook sent an e-mail to an anonymous user who inquired about the status of the MacBook Pro 2016. His answer was that the person should “stay tuned”, so this might man that the release is sooner than we expect.

However, for the users who are anxious to see the new iPad Mini 5, there are some good news too. It seems that the tablet will see its release in March next year. Bloomberg mentioned something about Apple refreshing the iPad lineup.

Ming Chi Kuo, who is a tech analyst, did not say anything about the Mini version of this tablet, but he did mention some predictions for iPad Pro 2. Could this mean that the company may not even produce an iPad Mini 5?

MacBook Pro 2016

We don’t know yet, but it seems that if the iPad Mini 5 will indeed be produced, it will be thinner and it will have a smaller battery.

Moreover, it will have a 6 MP camera on the rear and 1.2 MP one on the front. Among its features we will also get the chance to see 32 GB RAM for the internal storage, which most likely could be expanded through a microSD card. It can include a 3D Touch version for the tablet too.

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