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There are many things to love about the iPad mini 4. Aside from the huge hardware performance of this iOS device, it is now ready for the latest iOS version 10.0.1. With extremely high resolution of 1536 x 2048 pixels and pixel density of ~324ppi, it is still the best iPad mini just yet.

Here are some specs that should make users even more excited about this product.

  • Bigger Memory

Although the production of the 64GB edition has been discontinued, the higher 128GB version remains available and cheaper than before. In fact, it is cheaper without cellular connectivity than having one.

  • The Best of Two Mini iPads

In comparison to the iPad Mini 2, the product in feature has a better screen, faster processor, and better camera, not to mention the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. As a matter of fact, the iPad Mini 4 is 1.3 times as fast and graphics performance at 1.6 times as fast.

  • Costs the Same as the Bigger iPad Air 2

Despite having practically the same price ranges, the iPad Air 2 is older than the iPad Mini 4, but it contains slightly better specs. Both of them have the same pixel resolution, but the Mini 4 is actually smaller.

  • Slower than the iPad Air 2

Although the iPad Mini 4 is nearly identical to the Air 2 in terms of specs, the graphics performance is somewhat a bit disadvantaged. This is actually slower by more than one-third, especially when playing games in which the frame rate is slower on some.

Accordingly, if the iPad Mini 4 has been priced lower compared to the iPad Air 2, then it will definitely be a wise choice. However, this unit practically works just fine when used for travel or entertainment purposes.