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There are a lot of jailbreak tweaks that can be done with any iOS devices. If you have jailbroken your iPhone, for example, it might be such a shame if you have not optimized your device to its full potential. Here is a list of the most awesome tweaks from Cydia for the iOS 9 through 9.3.3.

  • The Activator

This is probably one the most famous tweaks in the iOS device. The activator provides the ability to set up automations, including shortcuts for various actions. This has also been able to turn alarms for the following day as well as changing songs with the use of volume buttons.

  • The AppDrawer

Cydia has been responsible for the AppDrawer to be on iOS. This allows all the installed apps to appear upon bringing it up. This is so cool as you won’t have to put everything on your home screen.

  • The Browser Changer

If you are fond of using Web browsers other than Safari, then it should be a good idea to change the default browser of your iOS device. With the use of Browser Changer, you will be able to open links from other apps with the browser of your choice.

  • The Bytafont 3

The iOS 9 normally installed with the font style named San Francisco. However, if it doesn’t appeal to your taste, then you can utilize Bytafont 3 to be able to change that into something that should fit your liking.

  • The DeleteForever

If you have not been a huge fan of the Recently Deleted folder to appear in the Photos app, then this next tweak is probably a great alternative. This is such because it will allow you to do it permanently with just a single swoop. Thanks to DeleteForever app.

Just make sure that you have jailbroken your device with the iOS 9 jailbreak prior to installing these tweaks to enjoy their exciting new features.