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Many gamers and sci-fi lovers are now anticipating the official announcements from Valve for the next installment of the Half-Life franchise. Sadly, the wait has been fruitless until now, since the developer has not launched anything.

Indeed, there were lots of rumors going around, which might show what expectations gamers have for the upcoming production.

half-life (2)

The latest rumor hints to the fact that Half-Life 3 would feature an underwater Kraken Base. Reports have shown that including it in the next game would open up a large array of possibilities for the fans of the series.

Besides, it seems that players will be able to explore the deep waters with the help of a submarine. This is going to be possible since the Kraken Base will be found underwater. Another features that is supposedly going to be included in the upcoming game is the support for virtual reality.

This would come naturally, since many games already passed to this dimension or have version for this type of gaming.

In fact, Valve has recently sealed a partnership with HTC and released a headset for this, named the HTC Vive. Regarding the release date for the future production, there is no official information on this topic. Many fans tend to believe that it will be released in 2018, and they base their belief on the fact that Half-Life will be turning 20 years old that year.

Half Life 3

As such, releasing the next game as a celebration of the milestone would be both appropriate and plausible.

Even so, everything should be taken with a grain of salt, since many tried to predict what Valve is going to do next, but failed. The safest thing to do is to expect the next official information that will be released and to hope that it will be exactly what we want/need.