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One of the most anticipated games right now is Grant Theft Auto 6, but there is still no word from Rockstar – the company responsible for the GTA series – on the subject.

The Sony event that was held recently to showcase an upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro console would have been the perfect opportunity for Rockstar to mention something about the GTA 6, but that never happened. Now, fans are concerned that the highly anticipated game might have been canceled.

However, there are some tech analysts and bloggers that are confident that the game hasn’t been canceled because Rockstar has no reason to stop making a very profitable game. But it also has no reason to hurry up and offer something that could be very far behind the more recent trends which are the VR environments and the 4K image rendering.

So, at this point it’s very likely that Rockstar will make a VR version for GTA 6 and it’s also very probable that it will be 4k Ultra HD capable which is one of the new features that two consoles from Sony and Microsoft, respectively, are confirmed to feature. Those two console are the PS4 Pro (Sony) and the Xbox Scorpio (Microsoft).

As for the game itself, some early rumors state that it might be set either in New York or in Miami and that there will be a main female character which will be voiced by Eva Mendez. It’s also believed that another character will be voiced by her partner in real life, Ryan Gosling.

Other rumors about the game say that it will include new missions like joining the army and robbing banks and that it may even by possible to buy horses.

Lastly, the most important rumors are those related to the actual launch date. Some fans believe that it will be launched in 2018 based on the time gap between the releases of the GTA 4 and GTA 5, while others believe that it will happen at the E3 event in 2017.