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With millions of players exploring, searching and catching Pokémon all hours of the day and all over the planet, you would think that somebody would have found Ditto by now.

Yet, none has, as of writing. So you would probably think that Ditto is just a myth, and that slot in your in-game Pokémon Go Pokédex for this monster won’t ever be filled. But those who dare dug into the game’s code can attest that this critter is indeed in the game.

Last week, John Hanke, CEO of the studio behind this popular gaming app, told player during TechCrunch Disrupt to just keep searching. “I couldn’t tell you how to find Ditto, because it wouldn’t be any fun if I did. It will happen for you, I promise,” Hanke said.

Of the original 151 Pokémon represented in the game, Ditto is the only one that is yet to be found. Some players suggest that Ditto could just be hiding itself in plain sight. Taking into consideration Ditto’s nature – that is, it is capable of rearranging its cell structure to transform into other shapes – the theory is highly possible.

Not in the Easter Egg Either

Now, with the Easter’s just around the corner, rumors have been circulating about a Ditto Easter Egg. Sorry to pop your bubbles but the experts over at the Pokemon Go Hub recently unpacked Pokémon Go update 0.37.1 for Android and found no trace of evidence pointing to any possibility of Ditto making it in the Easter Egg.

So, the only advice we can give you right now is – just keep searching! Who knows, you might stumble upon Ditto one of these days. In the meantime check out these tips on how to find a rare Pokemon and catch that ever elusive critter.