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The upcoming update of Clash of Clans app is surely one of the most anticipated updates to happen in Supercell. There are quite a number of updates expected, and here are a few of them.

  • Rumors About New Town Hall 12

Although this update has been expected for some time now, it might not come in anytime soon. This is due to the fact that there are no developments yet on the part of the developers.

  • New Defense and Balancing Updates

The balancing part is expected to come with the present state of mass Bowler, Miner, and Valkyrie attacks. Perhaps Supercell has finally figured out that it’s just going to be an endless loop of modifications happening in the DPS/Housing Space/Hit point. For this reason, they have found a way to balance this out with the new defense for good instead of just focusing on speed.

  • Rumors for Arranged Wars

According to a reliable source, well-known personalities sharing videos in YouTube have gathered out in Helsinki. Thus, it was included in the conversation that there is an upcoming update involving Arranged Wars. Although this might be a bit farfetched for some people to consider, there might be some truth into it at some point. However, perhaps if this plan will pursue, this will sound a lot more similar to the friendly challenge, which will not gain any reward bonus.

  • Other Updates

Part of this new update is the release of a new spell mechanic, opportunity for gem mining, and some new features intended for Town Halls.

  • Mortars and New Heroes

The development of stronger mortars has been made so that vulnerable bases can fight back against Bowlers, Miners, and Valkyries.

If you think that the new Clash of Clans Update is something to look forward to, then perhaps it is time to visit your account as soon as possible to get to know what’s going on.