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The latest OS from Google, Android Nougat has already begun to roll out gradually to newer Nexus devices and will reportedly become available to other devices from different manufacturers very soon.

If you’re a developer or just someone that is very interested in how the A. Nougat will feel like when the upgrading has finished, you can try the developer preview for the OS. Here is an overview of the three best features of Android Nougat to look forward to.

In-notification reply

One of the first things a user might notice about the new OS is the improved notification interface which can now group notifications for easier management and, more importantly, it allows users to reply to a message directly into the notification.

Multi-window function

This one is something that you might not notice intuitively so it’s best if you read about it a little bit. The new multi-window mode from Android Nougat enables users to display more than one app simultaneously on the same screen. There is also the option of modifying the window size for each app or to set a predetermined size for each opened app. Of course, if you find it annoying there is also the option of disabling this function.

Doze and Data Saver

Android Nougat comes with two very interesting features that aim to solve two problems that many users have complained about which are too much data usage and too much battery usage when using certain apps.

As a result, Nougat has a Data Saver Mode that enables users to conserve data and any data requests that may happen in the background will be blocked when the phone is in this mode. Secondly, it features a new and improved Doze function that will now improve a device’s battery life by saving power whenever the screen is off.