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Adobe Flash Player has gained a reputation of being a security risk because of the numerous zero days it has had over the years. But, even though many websites are slowly migrating to new platforms, the fact remains that a lot of sites still use Flash to deliver content to their audience. So, unless you’re willing to become unable to watch videos or play games online, you’ll need to have Adobe Flash Player in your computer and browser.

The important thing here is you know how to stay safe when downloading and updating this program. You can start by keeping these tips in mind:

  • Download Adobe Flash Player from the official website only, which is Make sure to uncheck the box beside the third-party apps that Adobe offers along with Flash (such as McAfee Security programs), which you probably don’t need.
  • Update Adobe Flash Player in each of your web browsers. This is one of the most common mistakes that computer owners do: they think that updating Flash Player in Mozilla Firefox will also update the program in Google Chrome (or vice versa). But it doesn’t really work that way; you’ll need to update your browsers one by one to ensure they have the latest version of Flash Player and are protected from security risks.
  • Avoid updating Adobe Flash Player through notifications you receive in Windows Startup. Most of these notifications do officially come from Adobe, but there are times when they come from malware that pretend to be Adobe. To minimize the risk, update your Flash Player through the official website.
  • Allow Adobe to install updates automatically. This way, you can receive the latest security patches without having to manually download them. If you want to have full control over what Adobe Flash Player downloads, you can choose the “Notify me to install updates” option. Through this, your computer will inform you that there are new updates that you need to install. Of course, make sure to manually download and install the updates ASAP!
  • Never update Adobe Flash Player when you’re on suspicious websites, like those that offer pornographic content, illegally distributed movies, and other problematic content. These sites have a pop-up notification informing you that you need to update your Flash Player before you can access their content, but this notification is actually a type of malware that will infect your computer once you download it.

Keep these tips in mind to maintain online safety when downloading and updating Adobe Flash Player!