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A week has passed since Microsoft has released a new Xbox One Preview build, which introduced two new features such as Clubs and Looking for Group. Users have complained about bugs related to Forza Horizon 3 game and other issues, so Microsoft brought a new update which, unfortunately, hasn’t fixed other old problems.

According to the change log, Microsoft has fixed a bug that was discovered in the 1610 Preview update, which impacted save data for Forza Horizon 3. Players have encountered this issue when reaching a certain threshold of game save data, after saving career progress, screenshots, or after they imported designs from previous Forza titles.


Unfortunately, players may not realize that an error is present when saving career progress and they risk losing everything upon restarting the game.

Microsoft was also able to fix the bug that caused the achievement to fail to launch when opening an achievement notification in the notification center, and in addition, when you select “All” to sort your Friends list, their names will now appear only once, not multiple times, in the results. Moreover, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean users who set the console to use these languages will be able to go to Settings and access View details & customize under Privacy & online safety > Xbox Live privacy.

Currently, there are three known issues that Microsoft is trying to fix:

  • Store: When searching for a specific game genre using Cortana, results fail to populate and users are advised to search for genres via text;
  • Notifications: They may not appear when receiving voice messages from another user;
  • Clubs: Players who are not a Club member may see the option to start a Club Party.


Users will be notified when the update will be available for download. Then, they will launch the Guide and head to All Settings > System > Console info & updates to download the new preview build.