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Often times, it happens that a new technology comes along and replaces older apps or raises debates about its performance or its competitors’. This was the case with Android, for instance, which replaced the Symbian OS on Nokia, with iPhone, which replaced BlackBerry when it came to work phones, Facebook, which killed MySpace and so on and so forth.

Now the entire tech world is discussing about the new AI (artificial intelligence) technology released by Google which supports the new chat app and which combines with a digital assistant to form a new app called Google Allo. This is some sort of combination between the doodling on images feature found on Snapchat, Google Search and the personal assistant capacities.


But the best thing is to test the app and see what it feels like. However, the more similar it is to other existing apps, the more it has to fight and to duck their success.

Even so, there is still hope that Google Allo will manage to succeed despite all its opponents. They can apply the strategy WeChat followed in China, namely to invite several brands to open shops within their app. In this way they are not competing against other chat apps, but mainly against Facebook Messenger. This is their main rival that constantly invests in initiatives relying on chatbots.

Moreover, think about the fact that technology is quickly changing. Just like WhatsApp replaced Yahoo! Messenger, it is highly likely that Google Allo will slowly replace WhatsApp. And this might happen especially if you think about the fact that newer generations will grow up with the AI-based chat app, so they will find WhatsApp obsolete.


All in all, it is clear that Allo was designed as a product for the newer generation and that it plans to slowly overthrow the established giants in this industry in order to succeed.