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There are over one billion users of WhatsApp messenger all over the world and the number is continuously growing. As a multi-platform mobile app, it supports iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Moreover, it is easy to download and install. By simply going to Google Play Store and from the search tab, typing in “WhatsApp messenger”, download can start and in a few minutes, the user can now communicate with friends and family with the mobile app.

Is WhatsApp Downloadable on Nokia 215?

But, how about low-end phones with basic features such as the Nokia 215? Are phones of this type capable of downloading mobile apps like WhatsApp messenger. The answer is no. While java phones support this messenger app, Nokia 215 does not.

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Nokia 215 Features

Released in 2015, Nokia 215 is a low-budget mobile phone equipped with basic features and a 0.3 megapixel camera. It also comes in both single and dual sim models.  Powered by the OS Series 30 Plus, it comes with a small 2.40-inch display and resolution of240 x 320 pixels at a PPI of 166 per inch.

Unlike previous low-end Nokia models with color and black and white display with low RAM of 512kb, this Nokia model boasts of 8MB RAM that is expandable up to 32GB made possible by a microSD card. For the dual sim model, power comes from a removable battery at 1100Ah and with dimensions of 11 x 50 x 12.90 and weight of 78.60 grams. For connectivity, it has the FM and Bluetooth options.

Perhaps, the main reason WhatsApp messenger cannot be installed on Nokia 215 is because it needs WiFi connectivity that this phone model does not have. Being a 2G phone, it is also not applicable in North America. However, it is available in Asia, Europe and Latin America.


If there is one consolation, Nokia 215 comes with pre-installed Opera Mini. Even in 2G Opera Mini helps in faster browsing. This works by shrinking webpages for as much as 90% and this also makes browsing more convenient.

Consequently, mobile data plan is not much affected or at least lasts for a longer time.

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