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No doubt, Nintendo has some of the best games out there. So when NDS emulators became available for Android devices, the tech world rejoiced. This meant that you could now enjoy playing Pokemon and Super Mario on your mobile phone or tablet. So how can you start playing these old school but super cool games?

  1. Download an emulator. You can find several on the Google Play Store. We also have a separate article on the most recommended ones, but more on that later.


  1. Search for DS ROMs for Android. The emulator serves as the virtual game console, while the ROMs serve as the virtual version of the games. Unlike emulators, you can’t find them easily on the Play Store. You need to look for them on sites that provide DS ROMs for Android. You can check the list of the Top 100 DS ROMs or search on the web. Read some reviews or comments from users to find out which ones are the most reliable.
  1. Download DS ROMs. Of course, download only games that you own. These files usually come in .zip, .7z, or .rar form, but you don’t have to worry about unzipping them because the emulator can read them in those formats.
  1. Open your downloaded emulator. You will then receive a prompt to choose a ROM. Depending on the emulator you are using, you can select from an automatically generated list or you have to search manually in your Downloads folder.
  1. Choose your ROM, wait for it to boot up.
  1. Start playing and have a blast with your Nintendo game!

nds-emulator-iphone (1)

In case you encounter errors, try to download a different ROM or a different version.

Now that you know how to do it, it’s time to choose which of these 5 top NDS emulators you should download.