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The much-expected arrival of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has caused many consumers to get excited about. However, that never happened just yet, so many speculations have already revolved around the online community.

In fact, Microsoft has yet to confirm about this development. Nevertheless, rumors may indeed be true, as several factors point to this end.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5

  • Windows 10 Update

This new product should be coming with the arrival of the Windows 10 update. The Surface Pro 5 will surely be in conjunction with the new update for the said mobile operating system.

  • The Upcoming Microsoft Event

The event that Microsoft is expected to host will happen next year already. So, probably the Surface Pro 5 will go with it. Part of the anticipated release will include the Surface Pro 5, the Surface Book 2, and the rumored Surface phone and all-in-out desktop computer.

  • Intel Will Release New Processors by End of 2016

One update that has been confirmed is the release of the processors from Intel. This will arrive around the end of 2016. Therefore, the new Surface Pro 5 will be released by that time as well. This is because it could use the technology that Intel has to offer to Microsoft devices.


  • Rechargeable Stylus Pen

According to Microsoft, a stylus has been planned to add functionality to the Surface Pro 5. This should be made possible with a rechargeable battery associated with the stylus. Therefore, more and more people have become aware of this new product because of some new features that could be added to the device.

The rumored arrival of the Surface Pro 5 should be a good way to welcome the New Year 2017. Thus, more and more people will be the expecting this update because of the popularity of this device.