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In life, it pays to be optimistic most of the time. However, there are just some instances when no matter how positive you may want to be, reality will tell you bluntly that you cannot turn around the situation. And sadly, this is the case with the Apple TV 3 jailbreak.

Apple TV 4 Jailbreak

Based on some signs, more Apple followers are becoming more confident that a jailbreak for the 3rd generation Apple TV is not happening anymore, or if it will it won’t be too helpful any longer.

  1. The ATV3 is silently being pulled out of Apple Stores. It has been reported that Apple Store staff have been instructed to remove any remaining models from store shelves and inventory, then ship them back to Apple. Also, the 3rd gen device isn’t listed anymore under the ‘TV’ heading on Apple’s website. Usually, this is only done when the tech giant wants to discount the product and liquidate remaining stock.
  1. There haven’t been any updates or news regarding jailbreaks for the device. When developers are working on a jailbreak, you will usually hear regular updates on the progress. However, it has been many months already and no legit jailbreaker has announced any activity related to Apple TV 3.

apple-tv-4 (1)

  1. Apple has removed support for the set up of HomeKit automation from ATV3 devices running on iOS 10. Only fourth-generation Apple TVs or later are able to use HomeKit to connect remotely with the home automation platform.

These may seem to be the determining factors that lead iOS loyalists to conclude that the end of the third-generation Apple TV is drawing near, and hopes for a jailbreak seem bleaker.

Yes, dear ATV3 owners, it seems you will have to settle with not being able to jailbreak your device, or you just have to upgrade if you want more features.

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