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Many mobile apps have indeed revolutionized the way people use their mobile devices. Nowadays, aside from being satisfied of the basic functionalities, mobile phone users also want their devices to provide free services.

One of the apps that can offer free call and text without being charged by their service providers is called WhatsApp. You only have to create an account and register to this mobile app service.

  1. Download for Any Mobile Brand

You can download this app for Android, Blackberry, Nokia, and other Windows mobile devices. Simply visit the mobile browser of any device to install it. This can also be downloaded directly from the device’s operating system market place. Such will include iTunes of the App Store from Apple, Google Play, Nokia Store, and many others.


  1. Open the Downloaded WhatsApp

After downloading and installing the app on the mobile device, go to the home screen the tap the WhatsApp icon to be able to open it.

  1. Enter Your Country Code

You will be prompted to input your country code. Make sure that you have typed it on the “Country code” field.

  1. Enter Phone Number

After making an input about the country code, you need to enter your mobile phone number. A verification method will then be provided to choose a method of verification.

  1. Receive WhatsApp Verification Code

An SMS message will then be given coming with a 6-digit verification access code from WhatsApp itself. Otherwise, you will be prompted to verify and validate your online account by calling the operator for verification.

  1. Input the Verification Code

You need to input the code that you have received from WhatsApp. This will be necessary to get all the benefits that you can from this mobile app.


Registration will require you to have a mobile device so that you can input the code. Likewise, you must have an active account on your device before you can access WhatsApp Web.

However, it will not allow you to use the online account to send unlimited text messages, photos or videos.