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There are two highly anticipated consoles that are expected to be launched and they belong to giants in this industry. The first one is the PlayStation 4 Pro from Sony which has already begun production and will be released sometime this year and the second one is Microsoft’s Project Scorpio which will supposedly be far better in terms of specs.

Based on this quality fact, some tech analysts believe that the best option for Sony would be to start shipping the new consoles as soon as possible so that it wouldn’t have to go against its direct competitor on the market, next year.


There are many rumors about the upcoming PS4 Pro, including a supposed support for 4K gaming which is also one of the highlights of Project Scorpio, but some tech analysts believe that it will not be able to do so at only 4.19 teraflops.

So it’s debatable whether the 4k support from PS4 Pro will be just as good as the 4K content support from Project Scorpio which is confirmed to feature 6 teraflops of power.

The fact is that native 4k resolution is 3840 x 2160 and the anticipated 4k resolution on the upcoming PS4 Pro is 3200 x 1800 which is obviously less effective that what can really be achieved in terms of 4k image rendering.


Everything points out to PS4 Pro’s competitor Project Scorpio as being the one with the better specs and better game images, but according to Sony, the difference in rendering 4k content between the two consoles will not be that huge or noticeable.

However, we can all agree that we will have to wait for both consoles to really tell if there is really any difference between the 4k support features sported by the two devices and that it will take a while, as Project Scorpio is scheduled for launch in 2017.