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For video gamers pondering on investing in a new game console, making a decision can be a challenging one given that two big players are continuously coming up with better consoles.

Microsoft already has Xbox One S and is already ahead of its game with a more powerful Xbox One known as Project Scorpio that is supposedly set to be launched in 2017. Conversely, Sony came up with the PlayStation Pro 4.


Project Scorpio and PS4 Pro Head-to-head

While not much is known about the details of Project Scorpio there are some teasers given out to convince gamers to wait for its debut before buying a new gaming console. It does not lag behind the PS4 Pro in terms of 4K and HDR gaming capabilities. Other features of both include 4K streaming, virtual reality as well as working with current video games and peripherals.

According to General Manager Shannon Loftis of Microsoft Studios Publishing, they video games that will be released within the time frame of the Project Scorpio will be able to render 4K. On the other hand, Sony opted to scale most of its games to run on 4K TVs.

As for the release dates, PS4 Pro will be available in the shelves in November this year while its competition will not debut up until next year. For gamers who have made up their minds on a Sony game console, the long wait is over while those who are not in a hurry can still make a choice after Project Scorpio is out.


In terms of price, there have been speculations that gamers will have to shell out more money on Project Scorpio because of the powerful features it boasts of. But just the same, both will be compatible with Virtual Reality.

While the PS4 Pro is said to be compatible with the existing PlayStation VR headset, Microsoft still has to partner with a company to work on a headset for Project Scorpio. Some experts say that this is an advantage for Project Scorpio.

PS4 Pro was referred to as PS4 Neo until its official name was revealed.