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We know you have been waiting for ages, but sorry to be the bearer of bad news — there is still no sighting of Pokémon Go at Windows Store to date.

The game has been limited to iOS and Android users since launching. Its popularity could further be boosted if it makes to Windows OS, but we didn’t hear any official words about Pokémon Go coming to Windows yet, nor any hint about its future release for Windows users.

PoGo-UWP in the meantime…


If you are itching to get your hands on the game though, there is technically one Pokémon Go game you might find interesting, PoGo-UWP, though you might need to use the gaming emulators and might need to follow a lot of steps to install the game in your Windows phone.

It’s kinda tricky, but if you are eager, try downloading PoGo-UWP from Github. This is one of the best places to get the game so far – even Windows Central recommends it – because as mentioned, it is still not yet downloadable from Windows Store.

Windows is still waiting to find out if Niantic and Nintendo will give it an official client, so PoGo-UWP is the best you could hope yet for playing Pokemon Go on Windows 10.

Just don’t expect a lot from the open-source beta client though, because while PoGo-UWP may function very well, it might be missing some major features. Among the issues that users encountered so far include: missing option to sign-in to Google account, overlapping Closing buttons, incomplete translation, absence of visual feedback from egg hatching, bad animations, experience bar showing the wrong value, page crashing when opening Pokemon details, and dead buttons.


If minor issues like these don’t bother you though, go ahead and download PoGo-UWP. Learn more about this beta client here.